How Do I Get Tickets To AGSW in Aspen?

By being early and on time, and perhaps by joining – we’re connecting year-round on Gagale.

Some FAQs we’ve had recently about AGSW 2024.

Want to do ski week but not all week. What are best days around 14 or around 21 weekend?

This year is going to be a banger! And honestly, it depends on what you want your ski week to look like. The first half of the week is a “locals vibe” with smaller parties, but folx who have been coming for years. 

The last half of the week, starting Wednesday, January 17, 2024, kicks off some incredible programming with nightlife and parties that go into the late hours of the morning. We also suggest viewing our lineup of events here. 

So if you want more relaxed, less high energy, the first half of the week. If you want parties and late nights, definitely the second half of the week. 

Why does it take so long to go on sale?

Well, we have to ensure we have enough staff, the proper contracts in place, and ensure it’s a space that everyone will enjoy.

Why do tickets sell out so fast?

We have been growing and expanding for the last four years, meaning we’ve sold out repeatedly. We promise to add spaces, tickets, and options for AGSW 2024 to accommodate as many additional folx as possible.

Will there be additional passes available?

No additional passes will be available (other than an offer through W Aspen). Individual tickets will go on sale soon.